Buckley’s story is one that often elicits a sympathetic “aww” response from people, because Buckley is deaf. There is no need to feel sorry for Buckley, though, he hasn’t a clue he’s different. After having Duncan and Thor for about 2 years, I was ready for a third dog. Ryan wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a third big dog, but then I found Buckley. A new rescue organization for Aussies had just started up in South Carolina and I came across his photo on their Facebook page. There he was; this tiny, fluffy, white and grey, 5 week old blue merle, with big gorgeous blue eyes and ears that stuck straight up in the air… and he was completely DEAF. I was familiar with “lethal white”/double merle Aussies and had an interest in fostering one, but this was even BETTER! We can ADOPT a special needs dog! So, with some begging and pleading and showing Ryan this “sweet little deaf puppy without a home” he finally agreed we could go “meet” the puppy named Quest.

Buckley Quest’s story began in a shelter in South Carolina somewhere, when the people “who found” him turned him over to the shelter. The most likely scenario is someone bred two merle dogs and found out one of the pups was deaf. While it’s sad that this happens, I am  thankful they took him to the shelter so he could be saved by Heather and her amazing rescue.

Buckley is keen, smart, and learns fast through by hand signals, sight and touch. He’s a loving little puppy and is completely unaware of his “limitations”. In all of my life, I’ve never owned a dog to learn so quickly as Buckley. He may be deaf, but he is so incredibly smart. I highly encourage anyone reading this to consider adopting or fostering a special needs dog today… they may require a little more attention and patience, but are completely worth it!


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