Fuzzy Puppies and Fluffy Stuff

These are the beautiful little monsters we’ve been fostering over the past two months… God knows I love them to pieces but can’t wait for my sanity to return. We’re down to 2… the deaf babies, of course. They aren’t so bad. They sleep like a rock and have tons of fun playing together. Luckily we have experience with deaf dogs (Buckley) so they aren’t hard at all. Love these babies… and they are SUPER photogenic. My gosh!







2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Puppies and Fluffy Stuff

  1. Brooke, those are fantastic photos. Is there some sort of network or procedure by which photographers can offer their services to authors and publishers? You could rake in huge amounts of money by providing photos for a variety of children’s, dog, and other types of books.

    I think you and Ryan are really huge-hearted to take in those puppies. I envision — and predict — that no more than a year from now, you will be living in a rambling, two-story, Norman Rockwellian home on about 10 rural acres with a brook, ponds, pastures, stands of trees, thickets of blackberries, and a huge rolling lawn on which your pack of permanent and foster Australian shepherds can tussle and frolic.


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